Daily Habits to A Peaceful Home: Create An Afternoon Routine

Are you barely hanging on to any sanity each afternoon? 
Are the kids wild and restless? 

Are you ready to throw in the towel and turn the TV on for the rest of the day? 

I've been there, Mama. Some days are just plain hard. 

When my boys were little, I became very aware of those overwhelming hours before my husband came home. These hours would consist of 
boredom, a chaotic and messy house, and a frazzled young mom. 

Let's chat about the flow of your day and how it affects your afternoons. 

Creating Calm Moments for the Weary Mom When Life Feels Chaotic

Are you a weary mom trying to survive each day? Do you feel like you're behind all day long? Is your soul dry and tired? Let's chat about how to create calm in your morning for any season your find yourself. It will take a lot of creativity and consistency, but it can work.