Jeff and I married 20 years ago and have 5 children from teens to toddler. Our greatest priority in life is to live out our faith & raise our children in our home they can thrive in. I became passionate about wellness when I realized eliminating toxins from my personal home made a dramatic difference in my health as well as my children's health over a decade ago. 

I was the tired, worn out mom who could barely function beyond survival mode. 

I knew there was more to life than feeling completely exhausted each day. 

I love drinking coffee in my backyard on summer mornings, dinner around the table as a family using whole foods to nourish our body, as well as natural products that don't harm our lifestyle.

I have a passion for encouraging families to live with vitality through wellness and embrace their values and passions .

I’ve been an educator for 18 years, and have had the opportunity to support and encourage over 3000 families with my leadership team the last 7 years as I’ve put a focus on health, wellness and living a simple lifestyle.

I was fully introduced to the Young Living lifestyle when I was 3 months postpartum with my 3rd child. I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted. 

A few years prior, I had purchased one little bottle of oil called Thieves that changed our life and I wanted to see what else this company had to offer. I purchased my first starter kit in 2013. 

Now, over 8 years later I have been eliminating toxins and using these products with my children.  I’ve used them through 2 pregnancies and 3 newborns.

When you get started today, you'll get access to life-changing products, plus:

  • Welcome package in your mailbox with gifts
  • Reference guide to help you use your oilsAccess to our exclusive member community – including local and online events, team calls, member testimonial library and so much more
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  • Unlimited Access to The Gather & Grow Vault; our online community featuring 60+ online classes at your fingertips 24/7
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  • 1:1 personal coaching phone call with Leslie

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Young Living? 

When I began there were not many competitor companies and I trusted my friend who introduced me who had the same quality concerns that I did. Understanding the seed to seal process that Young Living undergoes gave me confidence I had the right company. If you’d like to understand the science behind the process, check out this video. In 2016 we took our family out to visit the farm. It was absolutely breathtaking to stand in the field and see this company first hand. Did you know that you can visit the farm and see the process first hand? That’s just one of the many reasons I continue to choose Young Living. 

Is there a minimum purchase? 

You can purchase any amount at any time.  However, any time you spend 100+ PV, you automatically unlock the 24 percent discount for a rolling 12 months. 

What is subscribe to save? 

Subscribe to Save is Young Living’s monthly subscription program that unlocks a 24 percent discount as long as there is an active subscription order. Being enrolled in Subscribe to Save makes you eligible to earn reward points and loyalty gifts through our Loyalty Rewards program. Learn more here.

What should I start with? 

You could grab a 1:1 product consult with me here and I can help you put your first order together
You can view my recommendations list here. You can also learn more about Young Living's offerings in the section below.

How will I know what to do with the products? 

One of my passions is to educate and make sure you feel supported. When you join our Gather & Grow team, you’ll receive all the benefits listed above this section. 

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