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Hi, I'm Leslie!

I've been married to my love for over 20 years and have 5 children ages adult-toddler. I have spent my married life learning and growing in building a peaceful, calming home where my family can thrive. 

I love encouraging other families with simple routines & living a life that encompasses what you value.

Our Journey

Jeff and I married over 20 years ago and have 5 children. Our greatest priority in life is to live out our faith & raise our children in a home they can thrive in. 

I became passionate about simple routines & wellness when I realized creating simple systems and routines created so much more peace in our home as our family grew.

I was the tired, worn out mom who could barely function beyond survival mode. I knew there was more to life than feeling completely exhausted each day.

I love drinking coffee in my backyard on summer mornings, creating simple systems for a calm home, dinner around the table as a family using whole foods to nourish our body, as well as natural products that don't harm our lifestyle.

I have a passion for encouraging families to live with vitality through simple living and wellness to embrace their values and passions .
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