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Looking for more calm in your day to day life?

Years ago, I’d wake to my kitchen sink full of dirty dishes and a sense of overwhelm for the day to come before it even started
...and that's before we address the clutter, the laundry and self care.

Can you relate?

Creating a Calming Home is Possible

...if you focus on the right habits

As a brand new mom with a growing family, I struggled to make each day count. I spent countless hours in front of the TV & my computer with no vision for our family.

I got sick and tired of that life and wanted more. Slowly, I began to learn and implement habits that truly transformed our home.

Over 20 years and 5 kids, I've learned how to calm the chaos and create a peaceful home and routines!

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Meet Leslie Morris

Hi, I'm Leslie! 

My husband, Jeff and I, have loved creating a small beautiful homestead over the last 20 years of our marriage. We have 5 children and love encouraging other families with simple routines & living a life that encompasses what you value.

I became passionate about wellness when I realized eliminating toxins from my personal home made a dramatic difference in my health as well as my children's health over a decade ago. I was the tired, worn out mom who could barely function beyond survival mode. I knew there was more to life than feeling completely exhausted each day....

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