Simple Living: Family Traditions

When our youngest son was born, I had a very eye-opening realization that I wouldn't have all my children under one roof forever. Someday not too far, our oldest son would leave to begin his own life. 

Simple Living: Elimination of Hurry

You're 5 minutes late, the baby needs a diaper change, and the toddler refuses to put her shoes on. You can feel your blood pressure rising, and you're wondering why you even attempt to leave the house because it creates more stress. Is it even worth it? 

Simple Living: Slow Living for Moms

Out of necessity, I have had to embrace a slow lifestyle as a mom of five kids. After years of back-to-back pregnancies and nursing, my body could not tolerate a breakneck speed of living. It simply needed rest. 

Simple Living: Slow Lifestyle

We embraced the slowness of winter with open arms after a hectic spring, summer, and fall. It reminds me of what it means to slow down and re-evaluate our priorities and vision. It's a nudge that I want to bring this slow element into the naturally busy seasons just around the corner. 

Daily Habits to A Peaceful Home: Social Media Fast

It's mid-afternoon, I'm tired, the house is a mess, and I need to muster up some energy to finish the day strong. Instead, I fall into my comfy rocking chair to check my phone for a quick minute. But that brief minute turns into an hour. Sound familiar? 

It goes something like this.
  • Check my texts
  • Check my group communication app
  • Check my email
  • See what's new on Facebook.
  • Check in on Instagram to see what all my favorite content creators are putting out. 
  • Start it all over again, HOPING something new has come through
Can you relate?
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